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Making Homemade Wine - Home Wine Makers Reference Guide - Winemaking Recipes and More at Honeycreek Vineyard and Orchards.

wine glassAlways Remember Wine making is a Art Form and as any art form patience becomes a key component so learn it and benefit from it when your making your home made wine. Join us in one of the best and most exciting hobbies you can do, winemaking. Learn the basic structure of how to make wine in your own free time by reading our extensive library Wine 101. It along with the rest of the site will give you a complete look into the wine making process as well as the wine makers tools required to finish the job with the least amount of hassle. Wine making or making your own homemade wines can be as simple or as complicated as you desire to make it but the basic process anyone can follow. As with anything in life it can be kept to the basics or you can go all out, make your own wine, learn how today to turn that fruit you grow into your own wine with your personalized touch. Come back often as the site tends to change during the different seasons. Enjoy your stay and I really hope to here about your home made wine.

Whether your just getting started in wine making or have been making wine for numerous years you know there is a lot of information out there on the subject. You have more than likely been reading someone elses style of making wine and then gone to another site or book and read something totally different than you just finished reading. You sit back and ask yourself why the difference.

Well it boils down to style, the art of making the wine. Though wine has been made for more years then you or I have been alive and it is true the basics are pretty much set in stone but the style is what sits all of them apart. Just like a painting no two artists can look at or dream of the same picture and produce a carbon copy of it.

Wine is the same, ever buy a bottle of wine and just love it only to go back the next year to purchase some more of your new found love and it does not taste the same as you remember? Grapes or if you are making a country wine will change year to year it is the wine maker or as I like to say the Artist that brings out the best the fruit of choice has to offer. By doing this you not only create something no one else will but you also give your style, your touch to the wine.

Though wine can be created on a budget from almost anything you can eat if you really want to produce something you can be proud to share with family and friends there is one thing you must learn above all and simply put it is patience. Yes you have heard I am sure about a 1 month wine but I promise you this will not be the best nor even close to a good wine. Just about the earliest a wine comes of age and this is a country wine (fruit) is around the 6 month mark, this is pushing it. Most generally a country wine or a white wine will not come together for at least 1 year, reds more closer to 2.

Now I want to stress here that this site is only one of many out there, I do not claim nor shall I ever do so that my way is the only correct way. Remember I stated wine making is a form of art so as with any art there are numerous ways for one to take their master piece to the final stage this site is only about one way of doing so. I do not wish anyone to think I am a master wine maker as I do not believe in the wording. It is my humble opinion that no one person can master anything as to me if you claim that title then you claim there is nothing more you can be taught and I know there is much more I can learn.

With all that in mind you might ask yourself why is this site live or what does this site offer?

For the first question it began many years ago when I first got started in making wine. I kept numerous notes on my endeavors in the process along with findings from books that I had read and with sites on the net I visited. It soon became clear that I had way to much information for my feeble mind to process plus the fact of keeping all the notes organized. So for my own personal usage I made a local site to catalog all the wine making information I had collected. This was great, now I could flip through all easily on the computer to remind myself of things I have read and or done in the past. Notes and remarks I had written into recipes, tutorials and so on.

Then one day a friend of mine, fellow wine maker ask me why I did not publish all these notes. Well the thought of a book never entered my mind but I had a thought, why not publish it via the net as a website. That was the start of it and has grown ever since averaging around 50 emails a day from wine makers world wide along with some radio talk show hosts. This is my baby and I love taking care of this site just about as much as making my wines.

What does Honeycreek offer? Nothing more than the shared knowledge of myself, friends and the users that contribute there talents to it. If you like the site, if it helps you in making your wine then I have succeeded far more than I had ever dreamed of as to me to help someone is the greatest payment I can hope for.

Good Luck in your undertakings and God Bless one and all. Please feel free to join the community as we all benefit from the questions or comments you may have.

Ben McCune

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