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HoneyCreek Home Wine Making Recipe Database

You must remember as with ALL wine recipes they are guide lines only. Differences in the sugar contents of your chosen fruits would mean differences in the amount of sugar, water etc. So it is always to your and your wines benefit to gauge the Hydrometer, Brix and other readings and adjust accordingly.

Have fun, enjoy and by all means feel free to ask any questions if they arise. But before you do you might want to check the Forum out first as there is a lot of questions and answers to many topics in it. Please the Forum is free for all to use so take complete advantage of it for your wine making questions. You never know what you post in there just maybe someone elses question as well. If you have a favorite recipe you use by all means PLEASE mail it to us, we will be glad to post it with all credit giving to you. As always NO e-mails are ever saved, you can be 100 percent assured of that. We send no news letters or advertisements of any type out nor do we harvest any emails for sale, we hate spam just as much as you do.

To check the conversion between bushels, pints, quarts etc. Or Weights and Yields of specific fruits or vegetables see this chart Weights and Yields Of Fruit and Vegetables

To convert cups, ounces pounds to the metric equivalents go here Conversion Chart

Unless otherwise specified in the recipe all recipes are for 1 US gal.

Have a favorite recipe? Want to share it with us and others? Then by all means click the link to submit your favorite recipe. Recipe Submission

Wine Recipe Database For Honeycreek Vineyard and Orchards

These recipes are a combination of our own and compiled from the Internet, some have been used some have not been. I do not claim any right to the origin of any of the recipes nor is it my wish to use any recipe w/o the owners approval. If in looking you find it is your recipe and wish it removed or titled so please e-mail me and I shall do so immediately. Thank You...

Basic Quantities of Fruit to Use in Making Wine

Fresh Fruit Used Pounds per US Gallon of Water
Apple 7-17
Apricots 3-5
Banana's 3-5
Blackberry 4-6
Blueberry 2-4
Cherry (Sour) 3-4
Cherry (Sweet) 6-7
Choke Cherry 3-8
Crab Apple 4-5
Cranberry 3-4
Elderberry 3-5
Gooseberry 3-4
Grapes 13-16
Honey 3-4
Melon 3-4
Peaches 3-6
Pear 4-6
Persimmon 3-4
Pineapple 3-4
Plum 4-6
Raspberry 4-6
Rhubarb 3-5
Rose Hip 3-4
Strawberry 4-5
Tomato 4-6

These amounts are not set in stone, basic guide line only, amounts depend solely on ripeness of fruits used and personal taste. Please if you do not know how or do not have a Hydrometer to check the specific gravity I highly suggest you get at least this one tool of the trade. It will allow you to see the sugar content of your fruit of choice and enable you to make the needed adjustments for sugar additions. Without this basic tool you are only guessing at the amount of sugar required to met the sg ratings needed for a good wine. Yes you can add per the recipes but this is only a guide, less or more ripened fruit will require adjustments to the additions stated, I cannot tell you what is required if you do not know this one basic reading. This along with acid levels are the two most adjusted levels in wine making there is and a good chance the 2 most basic reasons wine will fail if not adjusted properly. It is your wine do you not want the best for it?

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